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OnlyWanDogs dog grooming bellevue washington OnlyWan is a private, low-stress dog grooming service located in Bellevue, WA.
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Why us:

At OnlyWan, we strive to provide a calming, relaxing, and welcoming environment where our furry friends can relax and enjoy a wonderful grooming experience. We understand that each dog has unique needs, characteristics and preference. Whether our furry friend needs a simple bath, brush, or a stylish haircut, we always prioritize their comfort and well-being!

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Ayumi is a japanese proffessional dog groomer in the Bellevue area who specializes in asian-fusion hairstyles. She is not only a groomer, but she also has been studying dog behaviors and animal welfare for years. She loves and cares for dogs, and she will provide a gentle and compassionate grooming approach, putting the dogs at ease and building trust with dogs during the grooming process!

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Ayumi took first place at the NorthWest Grooming Show 2024 salon freestyle competition.


For puppies:

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The first grooming experience for puppy is very important because It’s not only a one time job but life-long commitment. They have no idea what they will experience for their first time therefore we will be very careful to proceed our services to be successful as enjoyable time for them which will continually no stress for rest of them grooming life!

The Teddy Bear haircut:

hairStyle example

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Do you like to have your dog to be looks like teddy bear? We will seek out each dog’s potential and make as cute as possible!

Asian-fusion haircut:

There are a variety of asian-fusion hairstyles. If you looking for your pet to have a special look, we are more than happy to consult about this.


Full grooming
Partial grooming

$85 per hour

Teeth cleaning: $15
Nail Trim:
for small dogs $18
mid to large dogs $25


We are open from 8am to 5pm,
Monday through Saturday




Ayumi M

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NorthWest Grooming Show 2023

Dog Emotion and Cognition

Duke University

Animal Behaviour and Welfare

University of Edinburgh

EDIVET certified